A HUMPBACK whale was spotted in Liverpool last night...but there's still plenty more opportunities to see the impressive creature again.

Audiences gathered near Albert Dock to see the first night of the stunning water and light projection show.

As part of this year's River Festival celebrations, the six-minute show sees the image of a humpback whale emerge 15 metres out of the water before plunging back in accompanied by beautiful whale noise.

A spokesman added: "The ‘Whale Song’ Water Projection depicts a lifelike apparition of a majestic whale surfacing.

"It is a beautiful and subtle combination and expression of the dance and music of one of nature’s most wonderful creatures."

The globally-acclaimed designers behind the artwork, LCI productions, said the projection is to highlight our closeness and affinity to the earth, and is a warning that we pose a threat to the planet.

Northwich Guardian:

A spokesman added: "At the same time we will hear the beautiful singing that illuminates the entire ocean.

"Whale Song is the most complex sound in the animal kingdom.

"So similar to human traditions, these ‘love songs’, which are mostly heard during the mating seasons, have led to whales being called the ‘composers of the oceans’."

The six-minute show will be repeated from around 9.45pm to 11pm each evening this week at Canning Dock until Sunday June 2.