FRESH off his globetrotting adventures in Super Mario Odyssey, the world’s favourite portly plumber has returned… for a spot of tennis.

Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch is appropriately served up to audiences as Wimbledon returns for its annual showpiece.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hit the court as Roger Federer or Simona Halep, although Princess Peach and Donkey Kong can more than hold their own.

While essentially an arcade tennis game, Aces still requires a certain amount of technical ability to really excel. Classic moves, such as topspins, slices, lobs and drop shots are all present but if you really want to steamroll your opponent then you will have to master the new power shots.

Trick shots can help you return hard to reach shots and can help fill up your energy gauge to unleash a power shot, or if filled to completion, unleash your character’s unique special shot.

For purists, there is a more traditional mode that allows players to go back to basics.

Another unusual addition is the introduction of a single player ‘adventure mode’.

This sees Mario journey across numerous lands in search of five power stones to restore the true power of the Lucien racket. Adventure mode features various challenges and boss fights that should help you hone your skills before taking on real life-opponents.

Because the real fun in Aces is playing with friends. Up to four players can take to the court, either in singles or doubles matches.

Finding matches online is quick and easy from our experience, with the matches themselves running smoothly, although not so forgiving for more inexperienced players.

The game looks just as vibrant as you would expect from a Nintendo game but it is noticeably less sharp when in handheld mode.

Overall, Mario Tennis Aces is a fun arcade tennis game that should keep you and your friends entertained throughout Wimbledon and beyond.

RATING: 7.5/10