FACTORY Academy of Dramatic Arts never fails to astonish me with their brave choice of scripts and experimental realisations.

For their latest production, the young cast tackled Thornton Wilder's Our Town - a story of character development that details the interactions between citizens of an ordinary town in the early 20th century through their everyday lives.

From the outset this stylised production was impressive, with its minimalist stage, lack of props and emotive use of music.

That the young actors were able to tackle such adult themes, from love to death, so convincingly is testament to their acting abilities and I hope that these truly talented performers will pursue acting as they get older.

Despite needing to use his script, due to having less than a week to prepare for the role, Greg Walker gave a commanding performance and had I not been told about this I would have thought it was a device in the play.

Kyle Preece and Jack Heyes were equally impressive as Mr Gibbs and Mr Webb, while Ashley Jones and Leah Whyment gave strong performances as Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Heyes.

But it was Ash Hind and Amelia Sefton as the young lovers George and Emily, who takes us through the play's most tender and most tragic moments that shone in this production and who's touching portrayals actually brought tears to my eyes.