A PLAN has been submitted for a housing development in Winsford.

The applicant is seeking permission from Cheshire West planners to build 21 houses on land east of 119 Middlewich Road.

The scheme on a 1.75acre disused brownfield site includes the construction of 16 three bedroomed houses and five four bedroomed house on the land, which is bounded by various commercial premises to the north and existing residential properties to the east, south and west.

The plan further seeks vehicle access to the development off Middlewich Road, car parking, ancillary green space, landscaping and other associated works.

Submitting the application on behalf of Mr J. Clarke, Julian Austin of Paul Butler Associates said: "The application follow a pre-application consultation with the council and local community. The development will provide a deliverable source of family housing within the Winsford area and is located in a sustainable and accessible location.

"The development is considered to constitute 'sustainable development' as defined by the National Planning Policy Framework."

A planning statement submitted on behalf of the developer say the site is an eight minute walk from Winsford train station and there are a number of bus stops along Middlewich Road and lies close to Winsford Industrial Estate and is within walking distance of the Sunrise Nursery and the Wharton CoE Primary School.

The new dwellings which will front on to Middlewich Road will include rear gardens and off street parking with an access road with enough width to all larger vehicles to turn round and cycle parking provision.