There should be one rule for all

2:14pm Friday 17th February 2012

I AM writing in reply to Ian AL Walker’s in the Guardian, January 4.

As a former councillor of Northwich Town Council, I agree with most of what he says, but he should not really blame all the elected members of the council.

The chief executive and just a couple of elected members, plus an outside body CHaLC (Cheshire Association of Local Councils) made the decision not to allow MP Graham Evans to put a poster advertising his surgery information on its notice board.

They should put their heads above the parapet and own up.

Most of the problem seems to lie with the spokesperson at the town council who, in one breath, said, and I quote, ‘it would be inappropriate to display the posters, due to the political make-up of the council’, and then in the next breath said, and again I quote, ‘the town council is not run by the Labour Party, it is an independent body that has no party political whip’.

This is untrue as there are 16 Labour councillors and five others.

The Labour Party has control of the council so consequently makes the decisions the council has to follow.

It is hardly surprising the town council looks foolish over such minor issues when those in charge are more than a little bit forgetful.

My memory is better than that of the council spokesman because I remember posters on the town council’s notice board advertising Mike Hall’s surgeries.

Even as a Labour Party member, I agree that our MP, whatever his politics, should be allowed to do this.



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