SEVERAL of my friends and I walk our dogs at Griffiths Park, Rudheath, and are concerned about the amount of broken bottles, cans and plastic bottles left lying around.

I don’t mean on the playing area I mean on the rough area.

For over a week, there was smashed glass left beside one of the benches, so in the end I went along, with a carrier bag and gloves and collected a bag full.

Can you image the damage that two Lambrini bottle bottoms would cause to either a child or a dog?

Since then I have collected another full carrier bag of cans and plastic bottles.

Aluminium cans, if ripped, which some are, can cause a lot of damage.

I have written to Rudheath Council to ask them what they are prepared to do about this and am waiting for a response.

I feel so strongly about this issue that I think it should be addressed.

Graham Evans MP talked about us needing new green space, which I totally agree with, but what’s wrong with also keeping up the old ones?

Sheila Smith Northwich