I WISH to express my disappointment in the story involving Jack and Fliss, the bichon frise.

I was extremely upset to hear about the attack Fliss had experienced while on her walk and would like to offer my sincere sympathy to her and her owner.

While having every sympathy however, I was also disappointed to read, again, that the attacker was a Staffordshire bull terrier ‘type’ dog, which I find to be very discriminatory against Staffordshire bull terriers.

As a staffy owner, I find it difficult to accept and very upsetting to see that Staffordshire bull terriers are being unfairly labelled, when it seems that, in this case, there is no factual evidence to suggest that the attacking dog in question is in fact a staffy.

I feel very strongly about this subject as the article would lead the public to perceive Staffordshire bull terriers as being vicious, which, from my own experiences with the breed, is far from correct.

My pet staff Macy will be two-and-a-half next month, and has shown me nothing but love and loyalty since first welcoming her into my home at the age of 11 weeks.

Claire Porter Northwich