THE proposal for the erection of houses on Winsford Flashes is just absurd.

To spoil this beautiful landscape which is a peaceful idyllic place for dog walkers and residents is incomprehensible and it should remain unspoilt by more traffic and more roof tops.

People who live here do not want to see housing estates as their main view, bringing with it more building work, more noise, and a general hustle bustle feel to the place.

The country is already overpopulated, places like Ways Green and Winsford Flashes are needed to help escape.

This development is taking that away.

The Thornley caravan site will also be greatly affected if this is approved.

Residents on the site are there because of the scenery and people wish to stay there because of the scenery.

People have moved and are still planning to move to this area for the unspoilt views; all of which should remain unspoilt.

The idea of ruining an area so close to the town centre would be absolutely devastating to current residents and to Winsford itself.

Winsford needs more recognition for its rural opportunities to bring people into the town. It has a poor reputation that needs lifting. To have a riverside spoilt by back gardens, roads, and families making noise along with an absence of nature would be damn right stupid.

Please do not approve this development.

Please listen.

Sharon Redd Winsford