I AM a man and recently had to use the toilet opposite Marks and Spencer in Northwich.

The new doors are great and work well, but upon entering, I found complete darkness. After locking the door my sight gradually became a little better accustomed, but not fully, to the low light inside.

The window situated high on the wall seemed to let in very little light for me to see what I was doing.

I managed to complete my task with difficulty seeing the pan and leave the dungeon to face the world. It was then that I noticed liquid splashes all over the knees of my trousers. Thank goodness I didn’t put my shorts on that particular morning.

I had to carry my shopping in front of my knees in order that others did not see what had occurred.

I investigated the lack of light by inspecting the service room at the rear of the block and ascertained that the window was actually inside the room. It was not directly accessing the natural daylight to enable the interior to be lit effectively.

An elderly gentleman came out soon after, stating that the bulb had blown inside. I guess there actually isn’t a bulb inside which would be fine, if natural light could come through the window.

I would like to know whether this design fault was intentional or a mistake and if something can be done to remedy the lack of light in this toilet block?

Can anyone tell me?

Davenham resident Name and address supplied