I READ with interest your story on the dog attack in Winsford.

I live in Northwich and had a similar experience when my 14-year-old son took our 10-year-old golden retriever for a walk thankfully due mainly I think to the thick coat on a retriever her injuries were minor.

She needed to go to the vet for bites to her ears that healed well thankfully.

The attack happened when they walked on the path with Cassie on her lead under my son’s full control when a front door opened as they passed.

A dog ran straight out and jumped onto Cassie’s back and started biting her neck and back (she just fell to the ground and did not defend herself), the dog’s owner followed and got the dog off and put it in her car.

My point is that I called the police and was told the operator was not a dog lover and she did not see it as a police matter and I should contact the dog warden.

I was not happy with this response. I told them I did not think that was good enough and told the operator so. She told me not to get upset and cut me off.

I was even less happy with this response I rang back about half an hour later and asked to speak to a supervisor.

I was put through to whom I believe was a police officer after explaining what had happened and that I just wanted the incident recorded in case it happened again and the dog attacked a child.

The officer apologised and gave me a crime number and advised me to contact the dog warden the following morning.

The police did follow up the incident and interviewed the householder.

I did contact the dog warden who was less than impressed with the police response but needed more information for him to act as the dog did not live at the address the attack was adjacent to.

I note that you say that the police can only act if there is a person injured as a result or repeated offences.

If these offences/attacks are not being registered then there will never be a repeat offence.

Chris Fisher Leftwich