I HAVE already objected to the proposed development by writing to Gladman Developments and Cheshire West and Chester Council. Now, I feel that my wife and myself must write to object to the latest development plans.

When we moved to the Mid-Cheshire area 22 years ago the deciding factor was the most excellent greenfields site from the A54 by-pass down to the Flashes.

We have enjoyed the unspoilt countryside, the lovely view across to the Flashes, the excellent walks with our various dogs, seeing the joggers and chatting to the anglers etc!

Now it would seem that these development companies want to destroy this lovely countryside with unnecessary homes.

If the trouble is taken to drive around Winsford dozens, if not hundreds of empty properties can be seen.

It is considered that any new development should take place on brown sites and most definitely not on this lovely Greenfield site.

To add to this, all doctors and dentist surgeries are oversubscribed with long waiting periods for appointments. Where are the occupants of these new houses going to be treated?

With regard to employment, there are very few vacancies in this area.

We also have major concerns over the land suitability for building as there is much evidence of geological faults and subsidence.

This area needs to be saved, if not for our generation but for all future generations, this is an area of natural beauty.

With the proposed new development this beautiful area will be lost for ever. 

Please register your objections to this most unnecessary development.

Maureen and John Lovatt Spinney Close Winsford