THE letter from the newly elected Winnington and Castle Ward councillor, Guardian, July 16, mentioned disconnect between the public and politics being responsible for the poor turnout of 19.2 per cent.

Let me inform Clr Naylor that this is because the Labour party, plus the Conservative and Liberal parties, have misled and betrayed the electorate over the past 40 years.

My late father was a staunch Labour supporter, however he wouldn’t recognise what the party has become and how it has undermined the working class.

All the Westminster parties seem more interested in feathering their own nests and kowtowing to the EU rather than doing the bidding of the electorate.

The letter from Julia Tickridge, the prospective Parliamentary Labour Party candidate for Weaver Vale, stated in her letter, Guardian, July 16, that people in Northwich are rejecting the Tories because their policies keep letting everyone down. True, but so does the Labour party, look at the state they left the country in after 13 years mismanaging it.

That’s why UKIP took 23 per cent of the vote, having opened a local branch just over a year ago. Across the UK people are rejecting LibLabCon. UKIP is made up of members and supporters that have real jobs and know the ups and downs of real life.

At its heart is a party that believes the British people and their representatives in Parliament and local councils should make the laws of this country, not a distant, unaccountable and bloated bureaucracy in Brussels.

Our local councillors don’t do the bidding of their party, as Labour and Conservative councillors mostly do, they represent local people. That’s democracy and it is what has been taken away from us over the last 40 years by Labour and the Tories.

We want it back.

John Bickley UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Weaver Vale