I ALWAYS thought that cycling on a pavement as an adult was illegal; however in Northwich this seems not to be the case.

The number of adults riding on pavements seems to get more and more each week, it is not only dangerous, it gives a bad impression for youngsters.

Some may argue that it is dangerous to ride on the road; well you are keeping it dangerous!

The more that people cycle on the road, the more motorists will get used to cyclists and begin to behave better.

I often cycle and always use the road and I have to say that although we are long way behind other countries, on the whole, motorists are improving with regard to cyclists.

Walking on a pavement dodging cyclists is just as bad for walkers, especially with those who think they can cycle as fast as they want and hope that pedestrians can see behind them in order to avoid them.

Calvin Yates Rudheath