I WAS compelled to write this letter as I am constantly hearing bad things about Leighton Hospital.

On June 7, I was unwell and needed an ambulance. It arrived within the allotted time of 20 minutes and I received wonderful care from the two ambulance men.

I spent four hours at A&E and during that time was being looked after so, as usual they were pushed out.

I was admitted to ward three, AMU and spent four days there. The ward is an admissions unit and is so very busy but my care was second to none.

All the staff were fantastic, nothing was too much trouble and I was treated like a princess.

I am sure I wouldn’t have had as good treatment in the private wing.

Nurses were working 12-hour shifts under very difficult circumstances.

Some patients can be very difficult to deal with and how they keep cool, I do not know.

They deserve every penny they get and much more.

I came home feeling very much better and very impressed.

Mrs S Phipps Oakmere