SO much for the Northwich Vision – the promise, finally, of a town alive at night as much as the day.

After years in the wilderness the heart of Northwich finally starts to beat again and so to coincide with this exciting time in the history of Northwich we are brought crashing down to earth with the news that Arriva has decided to put a curfew on those of us living outside of the town by stopping the bus service every night.

Yes Fridays and Saturdays included at 7.25pm – brilliant timing.

Fancy going into town to visit the new cinema? Perhaps something to eat and drink at one of the new bars and restuarants?

Well forget it because you’re not getting in or out after 7.25pm.

I thought public transport was the future. I thought Northwich was the future. How can we have a thriving town with no public transport?

What’s the point of pumping millions of pounds into such a big project then slash the bus service, so that those wishing to visit the town after the witching hour of 7.25pm are thrown to the mercy of the town’s taxis.

I don’t think anyone regards £10 to travel 3.7 miles value for money.

If Arriva can’t be bothered to run a decent bus service I will be very interested to see how the powers that be are going to entice those outside of Northwich into the town because, as it stands, people will be paying more on transport than the actual night out.

When the Government ordered emissions in towns and cities to be cut what I actually think they meant was to improve public transport so as to encourage people to leave cars at home and so ease congestion and cut emissions.

I don’t think they meant stop running the bus service.

Christian Leigh Farm Road Weaverham