I WONDER how many people living in Mid Cheshire realise the vagaries of the planning process in CWAC.

The planning application by Richborough Estates for 148 houses in Barnside Way/Beehive Lane, Moulton, continues to show how they are loaded in favour of developers.

The parish council, Moulton Matters and more than 1,000 residents pointed out the problems with the proposed site, ie access, education, the high water table, the coalescing of Moulton and Davenham as well as many other objections.

The application was turned down following a site visit, and an appeal by Richborough Estates was made to the National Planning Inspectorate.

All the above points were virtually ignored and the appeal was allowed, almost entirely due to the fact that CWAC does not have a five-year housing land availability plan.

After a four-day public inquiry, and a three-month review of all the planning documents, the planning inspector attached 28 conditions on the development, 27 being ‘There shall be no Piling in carrying out site excavation or any other part of the development’.

Now we find that Richborough Estates has appealed to remove this condition!

Why have a National Planning Inspectorate if one of the Inspectors can have his decision overturned by local planners? His decision is unequivocally clear and should not be challenged.

If Piling is allowed, the residents who border the site fear for the shallow foundations of our homes.

The local primary school is within 100 yards, and the noise pollution will not only affect the residents, but the education of the children.

Residents of Moulton please let CWAC planners know how you feel about this diabolical situation.

Margaret Newton Moulton