I AM sure Dr Heald, being a health specialist, will have a much better recollection than I of the record of the last Labour Government concerning the NHS, however there is one area where I am fairly sure of the facts.

I believe it was the Labour Government which renegotiated the terms of employment for GPs which made them the highest paid in Europe, if not the world, while at the same time removing the requirement for them to attend to out-of-hours call outs. That was a brilliant idea. Was that a step towards securing the NHS for us and the generations to come?

It is interesting to hear the present Labour Party leader saying we will be able to see GPs more quickly in future and Dr Heald suggesting there will be all sorts of improvements to the NHS, which I agree are essential.

However, there is complete silence when questioned about where the extra funds will come from. So I have a question for our Labour party candidate, where is the extra money coming from?

Is it extra taxes, is it by reducing expenditure in other areas, or is it, as with many other of Labour’s promises, simply pie in the sky with no extra money being provided at all?

Mr E Shaw Nantwich