Planning is a quasi-legal process

11:22am Wednesday 7th May 2014

While reading the various articles and letters concerning the influx of unwanted houses recently printed in your excellent paper, one issue seems paramount. Planning is a quasi-legal process.

It is foolhardy to assume that anyone motivated by anything other than observing planning law will generally predict the outcome of applications.

Although considerations, other than strictly observing the rules occasionally intrude, generally, decisions are made by those who are purely objective concerning the outcome.

It is essential for anyone with vested interests that includes most of us, to receive objective advice that is given expertly, objectively and freely.

It is especially important that those who make a career out of understanding the planning process are able to present their views unhindered by any possible consequences of doing so.

Until this happens, many people and organisations, including Cheshire East Council, are going to be disappointed by results that differ from their preferred ones.

Dr Peter Hirst Middlewich


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