Having just read the Guardian’s report on the 200 new jobs being created at the meat processing plant at Morrisons, I would like to ask this, how many of these jobs will be given to the people of Winsford, and how many will be for immigrant agency workers from areas such as Crewe, Stoke, etc?

Morrisons is a major employer in the Winsford and Northwich area, but has in recent years been steadily employing more and cheaper, foreign agency workers. As I am employed at Morrisons distribution site at Gadbrook, I see this on a regular basis. I also visit the Winsford site regularly to make deliveries and collect goods for retail and see large numbers of immigrant workers going to and leaving the site during shift changes.

There are however a number of people from other countries who have permanent jobs and have made a life in this area.

I have many good friends among them and am quite happy to see people making a better life for themselves in Britain and adding to the diversity of our nation. What I am concerned about is the very large number of temporary workers being used on a full time basis to cut labour costs and maximise shareholder profits. A lot of these immigrant workers do not intend to stay, but earn as much as they can in a few years and go home to spend it there.

In the meantime their earnings are being sent back to their homeland and are not contributing to the economy of this country.

Please do not put this down as a nationalist rant, but see it as part of a growing concern of many of the people of this country, including those who have come from abroad and now are permanent residents. We all have mortgages, lifestyles and assets we would like to keep and pass on, but all of this is being undermined by the amount of cheap labour pushing us to the side.

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