MPs should not be paid more

9:00am Wednesday 7th May 2014

I don’t agree with the Fly in the Ointment, Guardian, April 23, saying that MPs should be paid more. I think that Parliament only sits about 150 days a year and many MP’s top up their income by paying their wife up to £40,000 a year – no interview and they get the job!

Maria Miller was told to pay back £45,000 by Parliament Commissioners but a committee of MP’s said that she should pay back only £5,800. One MP claimed £40,000 that he was not entitled to; a House of Lords member claimed £130,000 that she was not entitled to and all of them got away with it.

What is the difference between benefit fraud and politicians? One goes to prison and the other gets away with it – it is our money they are stealing. Many MP’s have paid TV work and other jobs so it cannot be a full time job.

The House of Commons has 650 MP’s. The House of Lords has 785 and only room for 400, it increased by another 50 this year. I think the Commons could be cut to 400 and the Lords to 350. If a company had too many workers, would they give anyone a pay increase?

R Williams Northwich


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