I have just walked from my home to Kingsmead shops.

This journey entails crossing the Northwich by-pass at Davenham roundabout.

At the moment, the grass on the roundabout is very long and makes it difficult to see the traffic going around the roundabout.

I had difficulty crossing in both directions; crossing the carriageway nearest to Davenham because of the speed of the traffic and on both occasions had car horns sounded at me because I was crossing the road.

According to The Highway Code rule 170: watch out for pedestrians crossing a road into which you are turning.

If they have started to cross they have priority, so give way.

Clearly some drivers do not know the Highway Code.

This is not the first time this has happened to me and no doubt it will not be the last.

The situation was made worse by the length of the grass which made it difficult for me and the driver to see.

Name and address supplied