Three causes of accidents

4:18pm Tuesday 29th April 2014

I WANT to give an alternative view to Alan Langley in the Guardian.

Road junctions are inanimate.

They have no life of their own, nor do they determine outcomes of traffic movement.

There are only three causes of road accidents and they are: 1) sudden and catastrophic mechanical failure 2) the sudden onset of driver illness 3) driver error caused by either misjudgement or distraction.

Reconstructing a junction will have no effect on the first two and only drivers themselves can be held responsible for the third. 

Street lighting will not make a jot of difference in daylight hours.

All drivers need to reconnect with the concept that they are in control of a potentially lethal weapon.

They should always drive within the safety limit of their own capabilities and also the safety limit of the condition of the road at the time. The safety limit of the condition of the road may not be the same as the speed limit and will, more often than not, be lower.

Regarding speed limits on Croxton Lane and King Street, they already exist and the limit on both stretches is 60mph.

Subject to none of the three causes of accidents happening, these limits (they are limits, not compulsory travelling speeds) are perfectly safe.

Alastair Griffiths Middlewich


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