Gully heads have not been cleared

4:42pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

WHILE flooding in Cheshire might not reach the same as recent Somerset levels, I cannot understand the policy of Cheshire East Council not clearing gully heads throughout Middlewich and the surrounding areas.

For five years I have been reporting that the gullies along Queen Street have been blocked.

The council said that parked vehicles stopped them from clearing these but for more than 12 months the council has cleared traffic from this area with the use of a yellow line but the gutters remain blocked.

At one point, the highways engineer advised me that the council only had one gully-emptying vehicle and that we would have to wait our turn. I would have thought an authority with council tax payers as large as Cheshire East had lots of ‘suckers’.

I thought the council had a requirement to ensure that pedestrians were not ‘wetted by passing vehicles’.

Some of the grids in Middlewich have been so poorly maintained that they have now healed over and have grass growing out of them.

What next, tumble weed blowing down the streets?

Alan Langley Middlewich


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