Litter collection is rubbish

5:02pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

I CONSTANTLY despair of the state of our roads in this area and, especially, the litter decorating the main thoroughfares, including the Northwich bypass.

It really is disgraceful that the council, of whatever hue, cannot get the simple activity of litter collection in the villages and surrounding areas, right.

However, there is one exception, and that is the young man who works the area down into the centre of the town from Castle.

He, at least, appears highly committed and hard-working.

And, why do we greet visitors with public toilets which seem to be closed in every village?

If the purpose of our parish and borough councils is not to maintain our roads, keep the place clean, and provide public facilities, then I don’t know why we are providing them with any funds at all.

Perhaps the Northwich Guardian would like to consider establishing a Keep Britain Tidy competition for the local town and parish councils, judged over the year though contributions from local people?

I will make a start by: nil point for the state of Lime Avenue, Weaverham – surely the worst possible road surface in the country – and nil point for the huge amount of litter on the Northwich bypass, this morning.

Chris Watkin Cuddington, chairman, UKIP Cheshire West


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