Options to restore boat

10:19am Wednesday 5th March 2014

REGARDING the ‘Proceed’ tug boat pictured in last week’s Guardian, We moved into our house on the Kingsmead estate opposite the boat yard in May 2004. Somebody from the yard started to shot-blast the tug with a view to restoring it, only to be told by Redrow builders that they found the noise unacceptable and the man had to stop work on said boat.

The fact that the builders were on site at 7.30am and starting the diggers etc at that time didn’t seem to matter!

It’s a shame that it’s been left to rust away. Perhaps money could be found to start restoring it again out of the Northwich Vision budget?

Or perhaps the councillors could get a grant, or there may be boat people that would like to help in its restoration?

Let’s hope so, otherwise it will end up as another abandoned boat.

Diane and Tony Hough

Bickley Close, Kingsmead


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