RECENTLY I went into Northwich and parked my car on the little lay-by opposite Litttlers’ old timber yard. I was only a short time away, but on returning to my car, found that I had a parking ticket.

I’ve parked in this place for years, and so have a lot of other people. There is only a single yellow line, then a small sign about 6ins sq which is on a pole about 8ft in the air. Why can’t we have bigger ‘No Parking’ signs, at eye level?

I checked parked cars lower down the street, about 10 of them all on double yellow lines, and none of them had parking tickets, so why are just a few of us being targeted?

My wife and I have shopped in Northwich all our lives, gradually seeing it go downhill through rates being too high and stupid road works. Also this silly parking ticket fiasco isn’t going to help either, it will not encourage people to shop in Northwich but drive them to other towns.

It will be a long time before Northwich sees me again.

G Walker Moulton