CAN anyone tell me how dishing out parking fines at Northwich market car park will help get people into the town to spend their hard earned money?

On Tuesday, January 28, I was given a ticket for being away from my vehicle for one minute at 9.49am while I went to the Natwest Bank to use the quick drop deposit box.

The time my vehicle was observed at the car park was itemised on the ticket between 9.49am and 9.49am.

I am told this initiative has been brought by the stall holders, however there were only four vans parked and the car park was half empty.

Any stall holder worth his salt would already be set up by that time.

These outdated laws need to be changed as most of the stalls are already set up and surely the market needs people to frequent the market not to put them off.

I, for one, will be shopping elsewhere if this carries on.

The town is dying, it needs help not hindrance, whoever instigated this needs to move with the times.

You don’t need this space anymore, let people who do use it and maybe your takings will increase. Why not give it a try?

Alan Hewitson Lime Avenue Northwich