Let's fill empty shops before we get newer and bigger stores in town

1:09pm Wednesday 5th February 2014

I AM very worried about gaining a lot of weight with all the supermarkets that we have and are about to get in Northwich.

What with the proposed cinema, hotel, apartments, cafes expected there will not be enough room for what is needed.

With the massive building plans for houses proposed around the town, surely we need the infrastructure to go with them.

People wishing to move to an area, need to know about schools, medical practices, jobs, reliable and efficient transport. They also need to know that a steady and stable job environment exists and that they are not taking pot luck.

Can we please fill the empty shops in the heart of town before getting newer, bigger stores?

We need to encourage people to come to Northwich in the form of tourists, but what we really need is permanent families living here with services to suit them.

Help small family businesses to come back to Northwich town centre with service and specialist goods and stop letting superstores carry all the other products, not related to food.

Lower rentals should help with options to buy to entice them back. Let the town regain its pride and make it a place that people want to live in.

ACW Davenham


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