Who will finance new shops?

12:59pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014

I WRITE with regard to the proposed shopping development at Barons Quay.

I understand that CWAC has agreed to take on the development of the large superstore site, yet another supermarket in the area. In conjunction with this new supermarket, the overall development proposed at Barons Quay included a large number of smaller shops. I wonder who is going to finance the building of these smaller shop units?

Wouldn’t it be better to concentrate on trying to keep some of the existing shops open along High Street and Witton Street, where some of the character of the old salt town is still evident?

If odd shops along these streets are boarded up, or badly in need of repair, has the council considered spending part of its funds on buying up such properties, restoring them and then renting them out to shopkeepers at reasonably fair rents?

Who is going to spend a lot of money to finance the building of new smaller shops at Barons Quay when these might not be tenanted or may end up boarded up?

J N Rutter Sandiway


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