THE talk on the wheels at the moment is Northwich Vision, and I hear nobody appears to have any faith in the claims that the town will be in better shape.

I did read a piece from one man who predicted nothing more than a “big shop”. So far it appears to be all we have.

And what do you know, you wait for a new shop and two come along together. Waitrose and ASDA will be our salvation.

I hope the prediction is not proved right and the best things we oldies can look forward to is more food shopping.

You do hear some funny people on the bus, usually moaning and groaning about the cost of living.

I do worry about food price rises. I am an Aldi girl.

Have you noticed all the supermarkets promise to beat ASDA, Sainsbury, Morrison’s and Tesco on price but they never promise to beat Aldi? What this town wants is a price war.

Brenda Downing Northwich