Winsford people won't forget

11:12am Wednesday 8th January 2014

I NOTICED in a Lib Dem leaflet that they had decided at a recent conference to oppose the bedroom tax.

Well it’s a bit late now.

The Lib Dems fully supported the Government in bringing this hideous policy in.

I notice that in recent interviews both Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander both refuse to call it the bedroom tax and still refer to it as the spare room subsidy.

What’s next? Are the Lib Dems going to tell us they are against tripling university fees?

Are they going to tell us they are against making hundreds of disabled people unemployed at Remploy?

As we get nearer to 2015 the LibDems will try to distance themselves from decisions they made and fully supported under the coalition Government.

They have supported every attack on the most vulnerable people in our society and they have backed every unfair and unjust policy since 2010.

They now fear a backlash in 2015 and are trying to say ‘it wasn’t me Guv’ in a vain attempt to exempt themselves from responsibility.

Winsford people are not daft and will remember exactly what the LibDems have done to the poorest and most disadvantaged in our town.

We still have the highest youth unemployment in the borough and many of Winsford’s disabled people have lost much of the support they had under Labour.

You’re not fooling anyone LibDems. Winsford people are proud and nobody’s fools.

Clr Stephen Burns, Winsford Swanlow and Dene Ward


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