WE in Winsford are faced with the prospect of 3,500 extra new build houses.

The area next to St Chad’s Church, a sanctuary of peace and wildlife, is to be built upon, despite local protests!

I attended council meetings in the past when initial voting against building was 9-0 by council. The final time the development was rubber-stamped by the relevant government authority and passed.

At that time, I wonder whether councils were aware of the pressure to build that would increase, and that would threaten beautiful Cheshire.

Who will inhabit all of these new houses?

If they are commuters to Manchester, Chester, Crewe, etc then our roads will be gridlocked.

If they are people looking for work in Winsford, good luck to them.

Three questions need to be asked; does anybody in power care about the environment and wildlife anymore?

Are neighbourhood plans pie in the sky? And finally, what use are councillors?

Lilian Perriman Winsford