I DON’T understand social media!

I edit and produce Hartford News, and a few months ago I set up its Facebook page.

On November 19, of course, I posted an item about the decision to allow the building of 650 new houses in Hartford.

Loss of green space, the potential for a 30 per cent increase in the population of the village, and all in the face of overwhelming opposition to the plans.

The post has ‘reached’ 175 people.

On Saturday evening, vandals took the top few feet off the village's Christmas tree.

Granted, it was an unpleasant, unpopular and thoroughly unneccesary thing to do, but in the big scheme of things it probably won't have the same long term impact as the developers.

I posted an item about the Christmas tree on Sunday evening.

Six hours later it had ‘reached’ some 2,400 people, a number of whom also took the time to comment on it.

I can't seriously believe that the Christmas tree is so much more important; social media is a very strange thing...

Christopher Poole Northwich