I WAS very sad to read of the closure of the Witton Chimes.

Although I have not lived in the Northwich area for many years, I do travel through from time to time.

My father first went to the Chimes in 1939 and went in during the war while many American servicemen made the Waterman’s (or Ma Kenyon’s as it was popularly known) their second home due to its friendly atmosphere. I met my first long term girlfriend there in the 80s and have made many good friends and had some amazing nights in such a great place.

With the long time closure of the Regal and now its demolition, the loss of the Central Ground and Drill Field, the huge number of empty shops in the precinct and the extremely poorly thought-out change of road management, it sadly seems that Northwich and its council are at a clear loss as how to proceed and have lost all sense of direction. Why work on the Memorial Hall and courts when replacements will still be needed. Are there not more important areas that should be dealt with first?