I LIVE in Meadowbank on the outskirts of Winsford, directly opposite the salt mine.

As we have had really bad snow and ice lately, I contacted the council to see if it was possible to have the school road gritted. The other possibility was to have two grit bins along this road so that we could grit the road ourselves.

I had a reply which said that they had other priorities than this, which I can understand. We had School Road and Meadow Grove re-surfaced 14 months ago, so the road is like a sheet of ice when it snows or is just very cold. School Road is on a hill which leads directly on to the main Bradford Road, where the articulated lorries travel to collect their salt loads.

When we are driving out of this road we cannot stop at the bottom due to the road being slippy with ice so we end up skidding on to the main road. What would happen if a resident ends up in the direct path of one of these lorries? This is an accident waiting to happen. I know other residents have complained to the council and have received the same answer, but the village of Meadowbank is directly opposite the salt mine and we cannot even get our very dangerous road gritted with local salt.

LISA GARNER Meadowbank, Winsford