RECENTLY I drove to town using the unworkable one way system, which forces me to either go a long way out of my way, using more fuel and giving off more green house gases, or to use the shorter alternative of Weaver Way.

On reaching the entrance to Weaver Way, on my way to the legal car parks on Barons Quay, I seemed to be forced into using a narrow strip of road, very slowly, because of cars parked on the double yellow lines on the edge of the river.

Due to several delivery vehicles turning and cars attempting to park on these lines I was unable to proceed without difficulty.

I believe the law states that there is no waiting at any time on these double yellow lines. The law allows for blue badge holders to park there for a maximum of three hours. I took this opportunity to walk back along this road and counted 15 cars parked on the lines and only five were blue badge holders, displaying their time of arrival.

I object to unauthorised people holding up my progress to an approved, legal car park. Their selfishness also impedes the job of the delivery men to carry out their lawful deliveries without difficulty. Would it be my fault if I knocked down a person illegally parked and leaving their car or returning to it? Maybe regular patrols and tickets issued would re-direct them to the appropriate car parks.

TONY WALKER Ashley Grange, Davenham