I HAVE lived in Northwich all of my life, and have acquired a great affection for our small market town steeped in history. Sadly, CWAC have lost touch with its important history and quaintness.

They have destroyed the traditional black and white style of our once pretty and prosperous town and if you were to ask anyone to identify buildings which they would wish to see demolished, I would guess that the county offices, courthouse and police station buildings would be top of that list. We need to recognise that Northwich is trying to be something it is not. Throughout its history it has adapted to many changes to support many industries but its most prosperous years were probably when the town was home to Brunner Mond and the ICI chemical industry and it was wealthy then. We now have a high street in decline, with more charity shops than you can shake a stick at and the rest are struggling to survive. The huge supermarkets sell almost everything a family needs and on-line shopping is now so easy.

We need our town to be a desirable place to reside, with well designed housing for all age groups, possibly on the Memorial Court site, overlooking a beautiful river which most towns in England would relish. The Lifestyle Centre could be placed on the site near to Marks and Spencers so that arts and children’s events can take place there. I can only hope that the planners see sense and come up with a more acceptable option for our town.