WE at Cheshire Community Development Trust have been very appreciative of recent letters on some of our services and would like to thank people for putting pen to paper.

We are part of a partnership for the delivery of Snow Angels including police, fire, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and many others. Although, thankfully, we’ve not been tested so far by severe weather, we’ve had some heart warming stories from people who are just glad to have someone to talk to. They’ve highlighted the need for support throughout the year not just in winter time. Our Dial a Ride members now number well over 1000, an increase of almost 300 in 2012. The service will face new challenges in 2013 and we hope to meet them for the benefit of our members.

For all transport enquiries please note the number is 01606 784100. Once again many thanks for the support.

ARTHUR NEIL Chief Executive Cheshire CDT, Navigation Road, Northwich