I WOULD like to thank Clr Michael Jones leader of Cheshire East Council for taking the time to respond to my question (Jones Q and A, December 5).

I am sorry if he feels I have an economical recollection of this matter. Whitewash was promised to be reinstated at the junction of Centurion Way to Kings Lane where the centre median, painted by the former CCC, has worn away, effectively turning this section of carriageway into a three-lane road.

At the time of reporting the risk of further road collision, possibly head on, I was advised by a CEC officer that Centurion Way was in CWAC. Readers note that the council tax as far as I am aware is collected by CEC. I was consequently advised three years ago that this work would be undertaken as soon as possible.

Regarding my request for the surface to be re-instated by the former Red Lion, I was contacted by an apparently older highways official who advised me that resurfacing would take place when Newton Bank was resurfaced – eventually.

While I appreciate that Clr Jones has investigated this matter as he says there are no issues on these roads, I would be pleased to show him or the officials from the town council that there are!

ALAN LANGLEY Lindisfarne Close, Middlewich