I HAVE driven along Booth Lane for more than 50 years and have yet to find the dangers Clr Mike Parsons seems to be able to find (Winsford and Middlewich edition, November 28).

When the old bridge over the canal was changed, the road became perfectly safe if people drive along it in the correct manner.

The national speed limit is a perfectly safe limit alongside the canal where there are no houses and very few pedestrians.

The 40-mile limit again is adequate for the area where there are houses only on one side. Imposing a lower limit from Cledford Crescent down would seem to be a sensible idea.

Putting a lower limit on will only affect careful drivers, the ones who drive along it at breakneck speed will continue to do so as the limit does not seem to affect them.

Most accidents along this road are caused by people who ignore the national speed limits anyway. Unfortunately it is not always the ones who speed who get hurt.

It is time that people who collect six points (not 12 points) received a ban and that points were handed down on a rising scale – the faster you drive over the speed limit the higher the points tally.

This would discourage those who drive at the speeds you often see not only along this road but on most roads throughout the country. It is time that the punishment fitted the crime and that drivers who collect points on a regular basis are punished by quicker bans and having to retake a driving test.

JK FORD Glastonbury Drive, Middlewich