THE last artisan market of this year took place on a crisp cold day which remained dry until late afternoon.

Middlewich was not packed but busy and the market was cheery with music putting everyone in a festive mood.

A regular occurrence in the town is hearing people greet each other by name. When I first heard this I, was more than a little bemused, now its commonplace and I find it delightful. It’s a nice feeling, it’s genuine and also very charming, and it makes you feel you belong.

The market has brought a lot of new faces and I’d like to say to these people not to disappear even though the market has closed for this year as we’re just getting to know you, plus there are lots more activities in the town. You belong here as well!

Congratulations Middlewich on being a lovely little town. A couple of thousand people who have moved here can’t all be wrong can they?

FRANCES COWPER The Accord Clinic Middlewich