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Our mystery columnist, The Fly, speaks out.

Mission creep Christmas

Northwich Guardian:

1:54pm Thursday 9th October 2014

JUST because something comes along at the same time every year, it doesn’t mean it’s good or right and should be looked forward to.

Battery-reared kids

Northwich Guardian:

4:39pm Thursday 2nd October 2014

DO our youngsters grow up too quickly these days?

Gullibility is always with us

Northwich Guardian:

11:31am Friday 19th September 2014

A FEW years ago I watched a series of ‘specials’ on Channel 4 starring psychological illusionist Derren Brown.

The children of today face tough time in education

Northwich Guardian:

4:22pm Wednesday 10th September 2014

I HAVE mixed feelings about my years spent in education. It wasn’t a particulary happy time for me.

Latest social media craze is not all good

Northwich Guardian:

3:36pm Friday 5th September 2014

ANYONE who has read any of my musings over recent months will surely have come to the conclusion I am not what the young people may refer to as trendy (do young people still use that word?) I steer well clear of social media, I’m not on Facebook and I use Twitter solely as a means of getting news quickly.

Who gives children a bad name? Parents, very often

Northwich Guardian:

3:53pm Wednesday 27th August 2014

I’M no Shakespeare scholar but I found a quote from Romeo and Juliet quite apposite this week.

Should we pay for emergency care?

Northwich Guardian:

10:24am Thursday 21st August 2014

JUST how much responsibility should we take for our own actions?

Inability for children to play is 'appalling' and 'horrible'

Northwich Guardian:

11:19am Wednesday 13th August 2014

I’M CONFUSED – being confused is a fairly normal state of affairs for me – but I’ve recently come across a phrase that sent me scurrying to Wikipedia for an answer.

Is it too much to ask for enough police on beat?

Northwich Guardian:

8:40am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

REGULAR readers will recall I have just returned to these shores following my two weeks in the sun.

I await the day when reckless tweeters get comeuppance

Northwich Guardian:

3:21pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

REGULAR readers of this column may recall I have a certain antipathy towards social media. I am truly ambivalent about the whole scene.

The darker side of our society

Northwich Guardian: The Fly In The Ointment

12:27pm Wednesday 9th July 2014

I AM becoming really dispirited by all the revelations about historic sex abuse.

Learning something new on a foreign beach holiday

Northwich Guardian:

11:51am Wednesday 2nd July 2014

THEY say travel broadens the mind, that it’s educational.

The highs and the lows of going on a summer holiday

Northwich Guardian: Lonely, despite online friends

7:14pm Sunday 29th June 2014

I KNOW you may find this hard to believe but I do actually have a day job. Yes, someone is prepared to pay me hard cash for my labours.

My heart goes out to the Lions - they deserve our support

Northwich Guardian: Lonely, despite online friends

4:55pm Wednesday 18th June 2014

I HAVE a soft spot for certain charities and charitable groups that do selfless work in the community.

Is this island of ours just too small for the traffic

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

12:10pm Wednesday 11th June 2014

I’VE spent an inordinate amount of time in my car recently, far more than is good for my personal well-being.

Would one super club be better for everyone?

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

3:08pm Wednesday 4th June 2014

I LOVE sport in all shapes and sizes. I love professional sport – for all its faults – and I love amateur sport. And I like all sport in-between. 

Produce from overseas gives us food for thought

Northwich Guardian: Lonely, despite online friends

9:51am Wednesday 21st May 2014

I AM not a little Englander. I like foreign things. I like Spanish tapas, French wine and Belgian beer (I actually like wine and beer from anywhere, but you get the point).

Wouldn't it be better to provide more spaces?

Northwich Guardian: Wythenshawe Hospital has ended all parking charges for disabled visitors

2:50pm Wednesday 14th May 2014

I CAME across two stories about disabled parking recently, both of which left me slightly disturbed.

Lonely, despite online friends

Northwich Guardian: Lonely, despite online friends

11:32am Wednesday 7th May 2014

I CAN’T make my mind up about social media. Is it a good thing or is it the work of the Devil?

Rats! I'm moving to Halton for cheaper vermin control

Northwich Guardian: Rats! I'm moving to Halton for cheaper vermin control

10:26am Wednesday 30th April 2014

YOU can tell I’m a townie, I just don’t pick up on those little signals from nature and the animal kingdom. Perhaps I should pay a bit more attention.

Our politicians should be paid significantly more

Northwich Guardian: The Fly In The Ointment

10:37am Wednesday 23rd April 2014

I FEEL a bit sorry for politicians. I certainly feel sorry for local councillors and marginally less so for our MPs.

There are certain things in life which should be private

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

9:44am Wednesday 16th April 2014

I WAS in Northwich town centre doing a bit of lunchtime shopping recently and found myself in the queue at the checkout behind a youngish woman.

How can teachers keep up with their heavy workload?

Northwich Guardian: How can teachers keep up with their heavy workload?

2:09pm Friday 4th April 2014

I BUMPED into an old friend of mine in a local shop recently. I hadn’t seen her for a while and we had a good chat about the ‘old days’.

The saga of the £90 car key that I got for £35

Northwich Guardian: Keys amnesty for those illegally sub-letting in Ealing

11:20am Wednesday 12th March 2014

I’VE had a bit of car trouble recently. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, it wasn’t my car, it was my wife’s, but needless to say, her problems became mine.

I’m star struck by the old fashioned variety...

Northwich Guardian: The Screen Cinema in Southgate Street, Winchester, which is hosting Alan Trussler's exhibition

10:53am Wednesday 12th March 2014

I’VE always loved going to the cinema.

Are ‘old school’ ways the best way?

Northwich Guardian: Kings Langley residents invited to school's open day

11:55am Thursday 6th February 2014

By the Fly in the Ointment

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

3:50pm Friday 31st January 2014

WHEN I was a little boy, my late grandmother used to have a saying, which she trotted out at every possible opportunity.

Learn lessons the hard way

Northwich Guardian: Uniforms are among the regular costs to pay to get your child back in the classroom.

1:56pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014

YOUNG people and education have been on my mind this week thanks to two stories that made the news.

Merge councils and save tax payers a whole lot of cash

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

12:08pm Thursday 16th January 2014

I WASN’T a fan of local government reorganisation and the way it was implemented in Cheshire.

Beast of Acton Bridge? Pah!

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

4:59pm Thursday 9th January 2014

SO, there’s a panther-like beast stalking the countryside around Acton Bridge.

No, Wizzard, I don’t wish it was Christmas every day...

4:28pm Thursday 9th January 2014

IT’S funny how you can go off something you thought you really liked.

Raise a glass to resolutions

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

4:50pm Thursday 9th January 2014

IT’S that time of year, the time when a lot of us will be making New Year resolutions.

Ban the car park hierarchy

Northwich Guardian: Don’t just complain, what is the energy solution?

3:57pm Thursday 9th January 2014

A couple of years ago, I read a reader’s letter in the Guardian from someone complaining about parent and baby parking spaces at the town’s supermarkets.

O! Come all ye faithful...

3:55pm Thursday 5th December 2013

WELL, that’s it. I’ve finally had to concede Christmas is almost upon us.

What recession?

2:16pm Friday 29th November 2013

I’VE been thinking about money quite a lot recently.

I found myself cringing

2:14pm Friday 29th November 2013

THE generosity of the great British public never ceases to amaze me.

Funeral got me thinking

2:13pm Friday 29th November 2013

I’VE been pondering on the big issues of life and death recently, prompted by a couple of events.

My place in the food chain

2:11pm Friday 29th November 2013

WHAT, I wonder do our supermarket shopping habits reveal about us as a society?

THE FLY IN THE OINTMENT: Sky TV in prison? Doesn't sound like punishment...

12:01pm Tuesday 8th October 2013

A COURT case reported in a local newspaper (not this one) caught my eye this week.

What is wrong with being an animal moderate?

Northwich Guardian: The annual dog show held this year at Ripon racecourse.

1:30pm Wednesday 18th September 2013

BY and large, I’m an animal lover.

Seeing a GP is really not as simple as it should be

9:56am Monday 16th September 2013

FOLLOWING on from last week’s Editor’s View, I thought I would add my twopence halfpenny’s worth.

Would a council by any other name be as sweet?

2:03pm Thursday 5th September 2013

WILLIAM Shakespeare, musing on the impact and importance of names wrote in Romeo and Juliet: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Remember the 11 plus? It was as easy as A B C...

Northwich Guardian: The LGA is impressed with a Bexley education programme.

11:49am Friday 30th August 2013

I’M confused. I need educating about education – so much has changed since I was there.

When is the right time to send in the bulldozers?

Northwich Guardian: When is the right time to send in the bulldozers?

1:24pm Thursday 22nd August 2013

I’M desperately trying to avoid becoming a grumpy old man who is constantly living in the past.

It was not the boost they would have us believe...

Northwich Guardian: It was not the boost they would have us believe...

12:39pm Friday 16th August 2013

I’ve got to be honest, I was never a massive fan of the Thundersprint and I was more than a little happy when it packed its bags and headed for pastures new in Anglesey.

Summer: The bare truth about Brits and fashion

Northwich Guardian: Summer: The bare truth about Brits and fashion

12:37pm Friday 16th August 2013

OK. I get it, it’s warm. The sun’s shining and temperatures have soared.

Middlewich is in the wrong place – please put it back!

Northwich Guardian: The animal welfare officer raced to rescue a woman and two young children after they fell into the canal. Photo courtesy of David Jones at Flickr.

12:33pm Friday 16th August 2013

YOU know when something isn’t right, when it just doesn’t fit.


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