We've been busy the last few weeks with reporting on our Sports Day and gathering news for our next newsletter so we've been too busy to post!

But here we are with some of our news:

Sue Jones: Last weekend I had fun watching some Carry On film stars. This morning I went to the dentist then came back and did some baking. The dentist wasn't very nice but at least it's all over now. I'm taking a cake home for later!

Nicky Daffurn: I've been helping my mum with mowing the lawn as well as cooking and dishing up dinner. I like helping my mum.

Last night we had chips, fishfingers and peas.

Jean Clarke: We went out last weekend to the new pub in Lostock for a meal - I can't remember what it was called but it was really nice - I had salmon and new potatoes, it was lovely. I'm looking forward to my holiday in Disneyland soon - can't wait to see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

Richard Foster: Last Friday I was presented with a certificate for Milestone IT Skills - I feel very proud!

Barry Williams: Last Saturday I went out for the first time with my new companion Dean - we went to Lymm truck stop - we looked at all the trucks and from there went to Manchester Airport and watched all the planes from the viewing point. We went on a plane and sat in it too, an old one. I bought myself a Corgi model Concorde. I'm going out with Dean again after my holidays. I'm going to Chichester in a couple of weeks time. I can't wait!

Karen Morrey: Last Saturday I went to Chester Zoo with my mum, I saw the butterfly farm, tigers and my favourite bit was having a hot dog! It was lovely weather and I really liked the baby elephant too. We went on the bus to Chester and got another bus from the bus station to the zoo. I got a bit sunburned but it was a good day out!

Timothy Hughes: Last week we went to Meadowbank Lodge (as well as Dane Walk and the Old Fire Station!) to get some stories for our newsletter. We also had chance to catch up with all our freinds. I saw Nicola Davies and I gave her a hug. I enjoyed the visit very much and want to go again.

I love drumming too!

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