A postcard for Dan

Earlier this month Dan Fom Firdale got a postcard from his mum and dad and Meg the dog from their holiday in East Devon.

They said they stayed on a farm and had some lovely walks and visited lots of nice places.

Claire's Mamma Mia News

Claire told us that she went to Manchester to see Mamma Mia with her pa Mrs Naylor. She said she wore a sparkly wig and look very glam! Her favourite songs were Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen and she enjoyed the show very much.

Marmalade the Bear

On June 15, Ian Clarke drew the winning entry in our name the bear competition. The bear was donated by Hayley Cove and raised £40 for our comforts fund.

The winning bear's name was Marmalade which was picked by Ann Calvert(Emma's mum) but she has generously re-donated it and it is going to be drawn again on our sports day on 13 July - watch this space for his new name.

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