Some of our fabulous swimmers have been winning even more medals over the last few weeks.

At the London Special Olympics Emma Calvert won gold medals in the 200m brest stroke and relay and silver medals in the 100m and 50m breast stroke.

Everyone had a great weekend.

Kathryn Hodkinson won 1 gold and 1 silver medal and Sean Daniels won 2 silver medals.

At the Sheffield Otters Swimming Club Emma won another two gold medals and Kathryn and Sean both did well there too.

Well done guys - we're all really proud of you!

And some news snippets from some of our guys....

Kevin Heath says: "I went swimming today and I liked it. I like watching Inspector Frost on tv too."

Peter Edwards says: "I'm looking forward to the gym and the weight machines."

Richard Foster says: "I did aquafit today and it was hard work with the woggle but the music was good!"

Neil Price says: "I'm looking forward to tomorrow as I go to the gym on Wednesdays. I go with Chris and I work very hard I; like the treadmill best."

Kurt Turner says: "It's my birthday soon and I can't wait. We're all going out to see JLS at the cinema. Mum and dad are coming too."

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