Staff and friends of the Old Fire Station opened up the building over the Thundersprint weekend and managed to raise over £400 for our funds.

We had a helmet drop, a plant stall and bacon and sausage butties as well as hot and cold drinks. Connections Church raised £40 of the total with their wonderful face painting too.

All in all it was a very popular day with the bikers and all the spectators and everyone had a good time!

As for our Chatterbox5 communications group, we've had a new member join the team, so welcome to Jason Cross.

He said he'd had a lovely day with us which is nice to hear.

Last week, Debby Magee who works for the Partnership Board came to talk to us about us making some easy read minutes for them and we all managed to put a Blog post up as well, despite not having all our computers set up yet, so phew, we were busy!

It was lovely of Debby to come over and meet us and she's coming back in a few weeks to see how we've got on with our first set of minutes after the Partnership Board meeting last Friday.

And more news - Mary Whalley from Firdale has recently been awarded a certificate for giving blood for the 50th time.

She started about 35 years ago and has been going once or twice a year ever since at Weaverham.

She took her grandaughter Megan (aged 11) for her 50th time on Easter Saturday. Megan was so busy telling everyone proudly about her Nana that Mary got a big round of applause as well as a golden badge and pen.

Mary said she's 58 and it's done her no harm at all so she'd like to say to everyone; "give it a go, it saves lives and it doesn't hurt much!

"And a big thankyou to Megan for coming with me."

Watch this space for more news over the next couple of weeks....

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