We're very excited here about the Thunder Sprint coming up on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 May.

We're going to be opening up the Old Fire Station to any bikers who'd like to leave their helmets, leathers, parcels etc - in return for a small donation towards our comforts fund.

We're right in the centre of town so we're well placed. We'll also be selling refreshments, hot and cold drinks and some snacks - more details soon, so watch this space or call 01606 49276.

Ian Billington is our bike expert and picks his favourite bike for each issue of our newsletter.

Ian says: "I'm looking forward to it a lot - I like Hondas and old bikes. I like seeing and hearing them all in town."

Rae Williams says: "I went to the gym today and yesterday I went to Warrington and I bought myself a Radio Times and the Sun and I had a meal in the market cafe with Chris, egg and two rounds of toast. My niece lives in Warrington but she's moving soon. I got a cd too."

Pete Edwards has joined us after being busy at the gym all morning. Pete says; " I think we should call the blog the dual carriageway as is has traffic moving on it. I enjoyed aquafit yesterday, I liked the exercise and the music, I was singing along to Baby you can drive my car by the Beatles. I like Kingston Town too."

Neil Price has also been working hard at the gym today; Neil says:"I've been on the weights, thats my favourite at the gym. I like them all and I did some sit ups too." Supervisor Nicky has just been in and told us how good Neil is on the treadmill aswell, she used to struggle to keep up with him!

Ricky Foster has typed his own post as usual, today at beak neck speed! He says: "In a fortnight the blog group will be taking over a bigger room at firdale away from interruptions! we get to pick our name and decorate the room and I'm pleased about it."

And Jill Duffy helped some people do a post today too - her very first!: "Hi and good morning to every one and welcome to the blog teams news: Anne Hodkinson would like to tell every one about her Tuesdays when she goes out and about in Winsford. She enjoys her lunch at the Dingle centre and says its good value for money and looks forward to her outing.

Vera Lastoweckyi says her brother came to pick her up early so that they could visit her mothers grave and put some flowers on for mothers day. They went out for tea at the Salt Cellar in Middlewich and she recommends the food which they enjoyed.

Anthony O'Sullivan had to have a second breakfast as his black dog ate his first - he thinks that his dog fancied a bacon butty more than his dog food.

Derek Powell went out to the Maypole at Acton Bridge for a meal and he enjoyed the food - he says it was all fresh veg and tasty meat and enjoyed good company.

Lastly, Barry Williams and Karen Morrey would like to say well done Jill on your first post, you did a really good job!

Karen says: "I went to see Patsy Scott at work in the Salvation Army today and she served me a cup of tea from the kitchen. She did an excellent job and worked really hard, well done Patsy!"

Barry says: "I watched Ice Road Truckers on Channel 5 at the weekend and it was really good. I defeintely do recommend it. A week on Saturday I'm going to Sandbach to a transport festival and I'm going to buy a new ERF lorry. I've got family links with ERF too aswell as Fodens."

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