It's been a bit of an upside down day at the Old Fire Station today as we had some special visitors from our head office in Chester who came to see what our blog is all about and took lots of photos.

So there's not quite as much on our Blog today as we were too busy talking and being photographed - we're looking forward to seeing the pictures next time.

Ricky went first today and typed: "I enjoyed my aquafit on Tuesday as we did lots of exercises to some new salsa music and then had a swim.

I had my photo taken typing by someone from head office so will soon be famous!"

And today Derek typed his own post too, so over to him!

"I went to my niece's wedding on Saturday and had a good time and the buffet was nice too!"

Karen has been fantastically helpful today taking photos, and having her photo taken by our Chester head office photographer Andrew whilst she was taking someone else's picture!

She brought in a photo for us today from when her mum used to work many years ago at Silverdale Special School.

Karen says: "She looked after the boys there, she was head house mother and she enjoyed it very much. She helped keep the boys clean and changed them when they needed it. She sometimes used a hoist to lift them up. She's very kind so I think she was very good at her job.

She also worked at Hartford Tennis Club looking after the children there and helping teach them. I'm proud of my mum and my dad too. Dad used to play cricket years ago and he used to win a lot and won a medal. He won at golf too and he works at mid Cheshire College."

Barry has just had a look at two new lorry websites: - he says: "it's very good. There are pictures of Volvo and DAF lorries. I like their red and white livery."

The other one was Barry says; "their fleet has Fodens, DAF, Volvo, ERF and Man lorries in it. My favourite is the Foden because I'm part of that family. They are the best, of course they are! I like the website."

And we had another special guest Mr Ian Billington, who's usually busy walking up to the gym but the session was rained off today. Ian says: "I've been looking up Old Liverpool at the library on Fridays, I've enjoyed it. I like looking at the recordings of the old days, the old buses and trams and bikes and the tram lines."

Rae says:" I've been to the Penny Black this morning, we didn't go the the gym as there weren't many of us today and it was raining. I had a cappucino and some crisps, they were nice. This afternoon I'm going to get a paper. Yesterday I went to Chester and had a jacket potato with lettuce cucumber and tomato, very healthy, and a cup of coffee. It was in the market cafe, I like it there. I got a Sun and the Radio Times too. My favourite programme on TV is Columbo with Peter Faulk because he is clever and always gets them in the end."

Phillip says: "I was going to try cycling today at Marbury but the weather was too grim so I'm going to try again next week and hope it's not raining. Instead we went to McDonalds for a drink and I had a diet coke - more healthy than coke. For my lunch today I had ham sandwiches and crisps and some pop and a biscuit too, it was very nice!"

And some news from our friends at Dane Walk too from Red Nose Day: "Dane Walk service-users and staff all joined in the spirit of red nose day, everyone wore something red.

At the coffee morning we had home-made cakes and lots of prizes were won on the red raffle. We raised a total of: £146.68. Thanks everyone who came and supported us."

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