It’s been a while since I have ‘blogged’. There are a number of excuses but I’m not going to list them out here as I’ve realised that we all have excuses for not doing certain things. Whether it be lack of time,/because we don’t want to or even because we are just too tired and the pull of a comfy bed and a warm duvet far outweigh the need to do the job in hand.

I have found over the past couple of months that I seem to be slipping into this way of thinking more and more and its time to snap out of it!

As some of you know from reading earlier blogs of mine, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and unfortunately the past few months have been a little trying to say the least. Medication upsets, tiredness, feeling low and life in general have all been challenges which are not helped by my constant need to do everything at once. This has proved hard to do but has given me time to think.

What, if anything, do I want to improve upon and would give benefit to arthritis sufferers? What is it that is frustrating me and making me feel like this?

For me the answer is exercise. Before the initial ‘niggles’ of arthritis started I would run between 4-6 miles a day, attend body pump classes and have a personal trainer session once a week. I, like many others, have fallen into a bit of a trap where it just feels to hard to exercise. I’ve roamed the internet, read books and picked up leaflets but nothing is giving me the motivation or the knowledge as to how to tailor exercise to the needs of an exercise junkie like me who has become very ‘creaky’ and tired with RA.

It is a fact that strengthening exercise can help arthritis sufferers.

It is a fact that exercise can and does make you feel good. Therefore let's do something about it!

I am more than happy to be a guinea pig for developing an exercise programme that suits the varied needs of arthritis sufferers. I am also more than happy to set up a website where good ideas, hints and tips can be gathered and non-medical help and advice given. The emphasis here is on non-medical as I am not and never will be medically qualified (there definitely are not enough hours in the day!).

I want this approach to be for people with arthritis who want to keep healthy and positive and tackle this crippling annoyance head on. So who wants to help?

Who wants to be involved?

If you have any suggestions then let me know as I am going to ignore the call of the duvet and find a way of being the ‘old me’ again. I’m sure there are a lot of you feeling the same way so let's make a difference.

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