I’ve been getting a bit fed up of the usual Saturday afternoon shop at our local Sainsburys.

I’ve caught myself slipping into the trap of buying the same old things because it has become a habit and it’s convenient.

I decided to try something different and visit a farm shop this weekend. I’ll hold my hands up now and admit to never having been to a farm shop in the 20 plus years I’ve lived in Northwich.

Even my husband had to admit it was over 30 years since he had been to one and that was to buy a sack of potatoes!

So, Saturday afternoon we took a little trip to the Hollies Farm shop.


And wow again for double measure. The choice of fresh produce and friendly service made me happily stuff my basket full to the top. The fruit and veg selection is fantastic and as for the butchery – absolutely fabulous.

I could go on and on about how great it is but that would not do it justice. If you fancy polite friendly service, fantastic food choice and a relaxed way of shopping then get yourself down to the Hollies.

You may well see me there being forcefully dragged away by Mr Sherwood who thought I was getting far too excited for my own good.

Happy shopping!

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